Big Apple BBQ

A Few Links To Share

  1. Talk the talk: a primer on real kitchen slang from First We Feast.
  2. This article from ancestral health pioneer Dr. Josef Mercola thoroughly describes the relationship between healthy animals and healthy humans. Summary: just buy grass-fed/pasture-raised meat already.
  3. Newsflash! You can officially stop hoarding Sriracha!
  4. I’d love to upgrade my apron to this sturdy and attractive denim option.
  5. I’m kind of annoyed that exclamation points are now mandatory (!).
  6. I’ll be volunteering at the Big Apple BBQ Block Party in Madison Square Park this weekend and finally eating the heck out of some Salt Lick ribs.
Brooklyn Bouillon | NYT

A Few Links To Share

  1. This New York Times video depicts a local business, Brooklyn Bouillon, which is building an market for the whole animal.
  2. Ingenious tips to make your produce last longer.
  3. Why “farm-to-table” isn’t enough, an op-ed by Dan Barber of Blue Hill.
  4. This minimal immersion circulator is at the top of my wish list.
  5. Act smart, look smart: 7 hand gestures to make you seem intellectual.
  6. Millions of thanks to Vik at Thakor Films for sending this awesome cover my way.
The CWBO Fridge!

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  1. Need to know: how to organize your fridge for optimal freshness.
  2. I’m going to make my new favorite vegetable even better by pairing it with bacon.
  3. Another article from the pro-saturated fat camp. Obviously, I’m happy to see this argument gain traction.
  4. Saw some cool herbs at the market? Air dry to preserve them for next season.
  5. I replaced some old rags with this new dishtowel. I’m obsessed: it’s huge, texture-y, and quick-drying.
  6. Time to go full nerd: where Game of Thrones and hard science collide.